Of Course Bill Gates is Pushing a Mandatory Vaccine? — No One Cared about Jeffrey Epstein.

8 min readMay 16, 2020

In the 2013 Steve Jobs biopic, ‘Jobs’ starring Ashton Kutchner, there was a poignant scene where Kutchner, as Jobs, was talking to Bill Gates. In the scene, Jobs vehemently chastises Gates for stealing some source code. He calls Gates; “a psychopathic, unimaginative criminal..”


At the time, I remembering wondering what sort of legal trouble awaited the producers for what, to my ears at least, sounded like slander. I thought; “They’re talking about Bill Gates? As in the computer nerd? A psychopath? Seems a bit harsh” It felt like the writers were reaching into conjecture with that characterization of Gates. However, after watching what Bill Gates has been doing the last few months, I’m beginning to understand it.

It appears that after years of growing immensely wealthy from improving successive versions of Windows, Gates has taken it upon himself to suddenly become the face of a world-wide vaccination program to protect people from another corona-virus scenario.

For those reading this on the moon or North Sentinel Island, for the first 5 months of 2020, the world economy has ground to a halt after a variation of the SARS respiratory virus spread across the world. The various theories on the virus’ origins and death-rate would require a much longer post, so I won’t get into them. I want to to limit my observations to the motivations of Bill Gates and how they relate to Jeffrey Epstein. Yes, there is a connection but perhaps not in the way instantly imagined.

Epstein, a convicted sex-offender, was rumoured to be an Israeli intelligence asset whose mission, it seemed, was to arrange compromising situations for high profile figures of the US government and popular culture. The running narrative is that, since at least the late 80s, Epstein owned a private island in the Bahamas where he would entertain prominent world figures with underage girls. Thereby obtaining comprising evidence to be used against said world-figures.

On July 6th, 2019 Epstein was arrested in New York for sex trafficking of minors. Epstein’s connections to many high-profile individuals made his arrest front-page news for several news-cycles. He was first placed on suicide watch after being found unresponsive in a fetal-position on July 25th. It was thought to be the result of a possible assault or an attempt to take his own life. Two weeks later on August 8th, 2019 Jeffrey Epstein allegedly committed suicide in his cell.

All of this this came long after his initial 2008 conviction for procuring underage girls for prostitution, for which he served 13 months in prison. It appears that his 2008 conviction didn’t do much to stop his illegal activities.

The flight logs from Epstein’s private jet, ferrying visitors to and from his island, read like a black book of cultural icons. Former President Bill Clinton; actor Kevin Spacey; high-profile lawyer Alan Dershowitz; among many others. To be fair, not all flights were to Epstein’s private island but this writer thinks it safe to assume that anyone flying on that plane after 2008 would be well aware of Epstein’s MO.

Epstein also owned a posh Manhattan townhouse where he was known to entertain high-profile members of the western oligarchical class. One these people was Bill Gates. Again, I am not alleging Gates partook in sexual relations with underage girls. But if the line from the Steve Jobs biopic is to be taken as an actual sentiment held by the late Steve Jobs, then Bill Gates’ motivations may expand far beyond what is commonly thought about them.

The spread of the Coronavirus in early 2020 virtually erased from public discourse the arrest and subsequent death of Jeffrey Epstein. It also stopped several of the protest movements against oligarchical class structures happening around the world. Namely, the “yellow-vest” movement in France and the Hong Kong protests.

The Jeffrey Epstein discourse would have been particularly engaging. The ramifications, had they been allowed to flow naturally from the events surrounding his death, would have been devastating. Which legislative decisions were made under threat of blackmail? What should we do with those decisions? Who else is doing what he did? How much did Israel know of Epstein’s actions? What was the deal with that temple on his private island? Is the western notion of upholding rule of law a complete sham? Where is all this going?

The Epstein affair gave people who normally dismiss conspiracy theories a mirror to look at themselves in and one question to honestly answer. “Does my critical thinking function as an independent arbiter of reality? Or do my opinions (along with the actions or non-actions that result from them) come from outside consensus?”

Common sense tells us that something absolutely nefarious happened in the death of Jeffrey Epstein. The old adage of it not being what you know, but what you can prove, doesn’t hold water when the motivation to keep Epstein silent was so apparent and powerful. The questions need answers or else America’s democracy is no different from Soviet Russia in the 50s; or a third-world banana republic. If his suicide was legitimate, then how was it allowed to happen? If he was murdered, then that needs to be properly investigated. If he is actually sitting on a beach in Tel-Aviv, then America’s relationship with Israel needs a thorough re-examining.

These questions exist in the private thoughts of Americans but social conditioning won’t let folks publicly address the Epstein affair for what it was — a laugh in the face of the western ideal that the arc of democracy bends towards justice. The response from the American populace should have been a collective; “Wait! Just WTF is going on here?” There should have been protests outside the jail where he was held, along with a zero-sum demand for accountability. Instead, there were a few headlines followed by stories failing to probe anything of consequence. Combined, the apathetic response from the collective American judicial consciousness formed a great, big, collective “meh!” .

The most harrowing extrapolation from the Epstein affair is that the culprits will likely never see justice. Even the recurring “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme seems like a subtle back-handed taunt of invincibility by the culprits. Perhaps designed to further demoralize the western sense of justice. As in, “We know, that you know, we killed or extracted Epstein. But we also know that you won’t do anything about it.”

And this is where my thoughts on Bill Gates comes in. Before I present how, let’s set some assumptions first. Gates does project an outwardly philanthropic and harmless demeanor. The fact that most psychopaths do also is purely coincidental. He also has a history of promoting vaccines and privately entertained designs of making them mandatory. A stance he has recently become emboldened to express publicly, as he did to Ellen DeGeneres on her show.

Now why would he do that? And why now? It’s not as if the consensus on vaccines is settled in the public square. There still exists a strong divisive aspect on the subject amid conflicting assessments by the scientists producing them. Unfortunately, the vaccine debate has devolved away from true scientific inquiry due to the rhetorical techniques used to stifle straying narratives. The battle-lines now seem drawn based on one’s tolerance for being labeled a conspiracy theorist. “If you think X, then you are Y. You don’t want to be Y, right? Then don’t think X”.

For a long time this was enough to shepherd public discourse away from outright revolt against them, but the inconsistencies of the current pandemic we find ourselves in has led more people to re-assess their tolerance for thinking X.

Now put yourself into the mind of Bill Gates as he watched America’s non-reaction to the Epstein affair. If it were you, with Gates’ history, motivations and money — what ideas might start developing as a result from that non-response? You watched this travesty of justice occur in a real time, with no real demand for accountability; and suddenly the resistance to your own pet project doesn’t seem that insurmountable anymore. You might even begin to think that you and your buddies could impose a new normal on an unsuspecting populace because their apathy is so profound.

If a bank-robber has criminal designs on a specific bank, and then notices that that bank’s security has been demoralized to the point of ineffectiveness, then being robbed is only a matter of time. Writing this in May of 2020, it seems that a new normal is emerging but the outlines of that new normal is still wholly dependent on how we respond to the actions of oligarchs like Bill Gates.

So how do we ensure that this new normal doesn’t trample on our right to live a life unmolested by excessive government over-reach? It’s rather simple; keep questioning narratives and don’t avoid difficult topics. Know when your opinions are being formed from social pressure. And question why streaming services like Netflix are able to keep folks distracted with an endless stream of mediocre programming, while also operating at a loss.

The new normal should be defined by the people who have to live in it. The oligarchical class are very cognizant of the power regular people still hold in defining that new normal. It’s no coincidence that one of the things they’re attempting to define for us — is precisely the type of social interaction that helps folks get to the bottom of mysteries like the Epstein affair; simply gathering in small groups to discuss them.

-Sergio Monteiro

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