CIA’s Gateway Process Declassified (Part Two: String Theory)

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When the word, “dimensions” pops up in sci-fi conversations, many people think of portals opening to other realities. Perhaps worlds where physical laws work differently; or where the sun is made of different base elements to ours — resulting in a world populated by metallic-skinned beasts. This multiverse-esqe notion of dimensions was characterized in the 2007 film, The Mist.

Based on the Stephen King novel, the movie told the story of a small town near a military laboratory. Unbeknownst to the town’s residents, scientists at the base inadvertently opened a portal to another dimension and in classic Hollywood fashion, mayhem ensued when something unexpected came through it.

While a long-time staple of the sci-fi genre, this characterization is congruent with a study of physics called String Theory. String Theory’s connection to the recently declassified meditation technique known as the Gateway Process is in the theory’s explanation for how these dimensions are temporally constructed.

String Theory states that our reality is a lattice-like structure of higher dimensions stacked on top of lower ones. That humans inhabit a three dimensional reality made from the first two dimensions; length and width, with the 3rd; height, added to them to form 3d time-space. The dimension directly above ours is constructed by taking the first three and adding a 4th; linear time.

As far as we know, humans are the only inhabitants to any of these dimensions but string theory does not rule out the possibility of 1d beings of only length; 2d beings of width and length; or 4d beings that exist somewhere outside of linear time. It also says that if humans were able to communicate with 2d beings, those ‘2ders’ would only be able to perceive our length and width since the mechanism to perceive a 3rd dimension, simply wouldn’t exist in their 2d world. Just as the only way humans could perceive the 4th dimension is through great lengths of time or coincidences.

But as you go higher up this dimensions lattice, the concept becomes harder to wrap one’s mind around. In Enoch’s Muse (published 2018), I adopted String Theory’s conclusions for a key element of the plot and it’s been a while since I’ve thought about it again. Bear with me while I try and wrap my mind around it once more.

According to String Theory, a 4th dimensional being looking at one 3d person would see the entirety of the time-space from when that person was born to when they died. The 5th dimension then takes the first four dimensions and applies the advent of choice onto that linear time construct.

Meaning, observing someone’s life path from the 5th dimension, would show the singular sequence of choices that led to that singular life path. If you’ve ever thought back to something cringe-worthy you said in elementary school, you’ll appreciate how choices can affect future perceptions. When we jump into the 6th dimension, is when things start to lose the discernible shape of temporal constructs we’re familiar with. The 6th dimension then contains all possible life paths resulting from all possible life choices. Meaning, in the 6th dimension, there is version of you that became a doctor because you chose different first year undergrad courses.

The 7th dimension is where things start to mirror plot lines from Rick and Morty. This dimension takes the first six and assumes that physical laws like those governing thermodynamics; buoyancy and light aren’t the only binding physical parameters in existence. Implying that since the first 6 dimensions function under one specific set of physical laws, there are likely 7th dimensional versions of you from realities where gravity flows in reverse or water is lighter than air. This is also the dimension, that The Mist implied had been opened.

There is debate as to how far up these dimensions go but I’m going to climb back down to the 5th dimension because I’m sure you’re starting to ask; what does this have to do with the CIA declassifying the Gateway Process? The answer is that String Theory defines a possible road map for traveling through those dimensions to remote view outcomes.

As you read in part one, the Gateway Process was a meditation technique developed by the CIA that allowed practitioners to essentially detach from 3d reality and remote view people and events at a great distance. The declassified document, found right on the CIA’s official website, did not state how clear those people and events could be viewed. But a 5th or 6th dimensional road trip through the possible outcomes from an intelligence operation could be a priceless piece of intel. I’m not purporting that this was what the Gateway Process was used for, but if I were an intelligence officer; looking to grab intelligence about geo-political happenings around the world, the 5th and 6th dimension is where I would go.

-Sergio Monteiro

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